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2006 93' vidéo
Beginning 2005, the huge Cité administrative de lEtat (an administrative Center built in the heart of Brussels in the wake of the 1958 World Exhibition) was abandoned by its last « inhabitants » as it had been sold to a private investor. The site had been a glorious symbol of the Providential State and of Centralized Government. Its history may reflect that of Belgium and of the State. The Cité had been conceived as a city in the heart of a city. The idea was to invent a new modern administration, as transparent and open to the public as its elegant International Style façades. But how did people work in such a utopian project, in such architectural forms? End 2004, beginning 2005, just before the end of the story, a number of French- end Dutch-speaking civil workers answer these questions and tell us their feelings, impressions and memories. These voices and words progressively create a music that links human faces and a superhuman architecture. And once the place has been left, as time goes by, their memories go on haunting the empty corridors and offices. This project has received the SCAMs « Brouillon dun rêve » award.

2006 52' vidéo
While the first stone was put in 1958, in the trail of the World Fair, the Administrative Town of the State was gradually built in the heart of Brussels, until the completion of the Tower of the Finances in 1983.

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