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Sandrine DRYVERS & Thierry TIRTIAUX
2002 81' Beta digit
Of her mother, the director has only few members on Super 8mm. Of her father, no much, only that he was a Tunisian student in Liège, during the 70s. Soon mother herself, she decides to move on the puzzle of her conception, and to seek her father in Tunisia..

Sandrine DRYVERS
1998 60' Beta SP
The day to day life and dreams of a 'Punk' community, calmy striving for a better life, and to keep its squat, an adress where every wanderer should find a home.

Sandrine DRYVERS
1999 26' 35 mm
Faces, bodies and silences, facing the camera and raising compelling questions. People, talking about work, what it means and really is.

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