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Christophe Hermans
2011 52' Beta digit
Arnaud is a young man of twenty. Following the death of his mother three years ago, he has dropped out of his studies and taken refuge in food to fill the void. He now weighs 177 kilos and lives with his father, with whom he quarrels constantly. Arnaud has reached the point where he has decided to undergo a stomach reduction operation....

Christophe Hermans
2010 52' Beta digit
In this family, there are 25 children. Their names are different and no parents watch over them. Some other adults cares about the childre and help them to grow. Like guardian angels...This is the story of a certain type of nursery and its occupants...

Christophe Hermans
2015 77' Beta digit

Christophe Hermans
2008 70' vidéo
In a small french village in Dordogne, Alain and Richard welcome old persons in their own house. A real attractive option to the traditionnal old peoples home. For months, sometimes years, they live with them forming a family. For Alain and Richard, home and work are intimately bound.

Christophe Hermans
2013 / vidéo
Each wig is posed for a few hours or for life on a personality. What's behind it? What story? What search for identity? Manuela, Stephanie, Anita, Nicole and Madeleine. 5 women who, for various reasons, have lost their hair and used the services of Christel, social beautician. This film is their daily life, their struggle to build (again) an image and womanhood.

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