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Mathieu Labaye
2008 9' 35 mm
"I think that, when moving, you take over your own life. When you're free to come and go, to have gestures of... love, tenderness, anger, no matter. So when you are deprived of the ability to move, as I am, as many others are... in order to survive you need to reinvent movement. What goes on in my mind is not just intellectual. It's a way of re-creating an inner space which sets me free" Benoît Labaye Orgesticulanismusis an animation short delivering a very important message about exclusion due to disability. The film celebrates disability by recognizing the conception of inner space and strength that allow people who are physically challenged to rise above normality. The use of repetitious reinvented moves with the voice over and sound design create an uncomfortable and yet positive atmosphere for the audience.

Mathieu Labaye
2013 / vidéo
"Labyrinth" takes place entirely in the cell of a man sentenced to life in prison. This film uses the undermining of the link with time and the reality, through this questioning notions of existence and identity.

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