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Anne-Françoise PERIN
1984 43' vidéo
Eva believes that her dreams are reality. She is not surprised when in her presence places and objects dissimulate and the same people reappear as different characters. She takes on the role necessitated by each situation as a matter of course, without being in the least irritated by its absurdity. Her feelings however are real, she is violent when she sets out to attack, just as she is frightened when she is threatened and has to try to escape from the person following her. She becomes a mother when she is confronted with a baby but she does not hesitate to give it away as and when it suits her. She meets a man who looks like a famous actor, then finds herself appearing as an actress in film, the partner of a film star. She accepts the rules of the game, acknowledging that what matters is not winning or losing but rather playing ones role without losing track of the dream.

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