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2016 80' Beta digit
Karin Trappel was born of the love between a 17 year old Austrian, Wilma Schiener and a 20 year old Moroccan soldier, Mohamed Ben Bouchaib. Karin is one of hundreds of children born in 1946 in the Austrian Alps, from the union of French soldiers, mostly Moroccan, and young Austrian women. Karin has in memory an insult thrown by a neighbor or a classmate. " Black Doll  ", " nasty Moroccan " go back to your country ". The Moroccan soldiers of the French army who occupied Vorarlberg during summer 1945, engendered, some of them without knowing it, hundreds of children with brown hair and black skin. In Austria still marked by the Nazi propaganda, Karin and the other kids were rejected by the society. Many of them committed suicide. Others refused, till the end of their life, to speak about this famous summer 1945. The summer of the Moroccans, the summer of the SWALLOWS OF LOVE. Today, Karin Trappel has undertook reconcilation with her origins.

2013 90' vidéo
«Walls have ears »... As a child, I used to hear this proverb every time we spoke about politics in Morocco. Social aspirations were reluctant, often nipped in the bud.

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