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Benjamin COLAUX & Christopher YATES
2013 / vidéo
Every day, thousands of men are engulfed in the bowels of the Cerro Rico, one of the most ancient silver mines in Bolivia, which the first Amerindian and African slaves called "the man-eater". These men burrow every day through hellish mines, abandoning the majestic landscape of the Andes for the mine's dark confinement and looming presence of death. PANCHO, HILARION, CLAUDIO and MARCO work together at Reveka, a small mining concession lost within the immense Cerro Rico. The dangerous nature of their work is exacerbated by recent fears that the mountain may soon cave in. As this risk grows imminent, these four men will urgently have to find ways to cope, and will call many things into question. Each one will react in his own way: by either completely accepting the dangers of his work and embracing his ancestral rituals, or by leaving the Cerro Rico and thus betraying the sacred heritage imparted upon him.

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