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2004 80' Beta digit
Loredana Bianconi accompanies a female friend on her search for a job, a very perillous quest when you are forty five years old.

1997 116' vidéo
They were twenty years old in Italy, in the 70s. Three woman quitted it all, devoted to revolution. Today, released from jail and from the torments of the war, they reconsider their armed fight, which brought too much pain and destroyed lifes.

2009 60' vidéo
« Go and see what we left behind... » With these words in mind, a filmmaker journeys into a discovery of an almost abandoned and little known country: Albania. Her film is an impressionist journey, a moving tale cast in footprints, vivid memories and free thinking narration that takes an overview of the past sixty years of the country. The communist dictatorship seems to be jumbled up with the neo-liberal democracy which dominates every detail of daily life, the lost beauty of the landscapes and the limitless stories of emigration. Little by little, developing over various appearances, the film unveils a tormented country whose inhabitants are living more and more outward looking lives as they struggle to retain a sense of belonging in their own homeland.

1989 58' vidéo
A contrasting evocation of the Belgium of the fifties: the collieries, the strikes, the imigrants.

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