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1985 42' vidéo
Anita, the prostitute, stands in the center of this tornado, of this ballet. She is the soul and the break of it. She is the latest character in this portrait gallery in which, since the beginning, Marie André has drawn up and erased silhouettes and glances with a still subtler asserted mastership. A prostitute loves her pimp with passion. The man takes advantage of her youth and her beauty with the rough demand of the male who feels and knows that their link originates from a sado-masochistic relationship in this infernal circle where sex and money lead to no other issue than silence and death. This universal type of story plays on social as well as individual relationships. The setting of the action, the « Veemarkt » quarter in Antwerp, next to the harbour, corresponds to this almost archetypal stage where we meet characters strongly forged with our pulsions of fusion and rupture : the sailors and the whores.

1983 22' vidéo
Relationships are formed between individuals for whom the film serves as a meeting place.

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