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Boris Van Der AVOORT
2017 73'4" Beta digit
The world of insects, in its familiar strangeness, has intrigued me since childhood. Today I decide to meet them. I go into the wild and bring insects home. I try to get closer to them with a magnifying glass, microphone and camera to perceive the imperceptible of their reality. Their number, diversity and omnipresence in our environment strike me: are insects the masters of the earth, the masters of our bodies? Repulsion and fascination takeover me ... They open the door to the imagination but not without anxiety. They guide my explorations and my thoughts. I contemplate the anthills, the nests of wasps and bees ... How are these seemingly chaotic communities organized? I compare the architecture of men and insects. In my research, I am caught up by the fly, banal in daily life but striking in our cultural history, a symbol of vanity. I wonder about the suffering, the ephemeral of existence, about what seems dead or absent, but which is not ... such as the stick insect, an insect so perfectly mimetic and capable of such immobility that we do not see it. It awakens me to the fragility of appearances and my senses. This trip to the land of insects seems to me more and more like a dream ...

Boris Van Der AVOORT
1998 15' 16 mm
To belong to a family ..... a film made with personnal footage and also archive material, to recount the life and hopes of three generations.

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