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Jean-Christophe YU
1998 30' Beta digit
We usually watch them, from the distance, those who bring us comfort in our day-to-day life, as they collect our trash. They are dirty and noisy, theyre the dustmen.

Jean-Christophe YU
2009 75' Beta digit
The portrait of a major artistic icon, early founder of New realism movement/ Somville, fierce fighter for more justice and equality. A painter dedicated to an art tuned with real life, an artist and a man among other men, with seriousness and humor. A speech and an art, healthy and invigorating in these tims of financial crisis and arrogance of elites.

Jean-Christophe YU
2015 105' vidéo
By going back up the track of Yu Bin, my grandfather, I discover the history of the Chinese students in Europe of the 20s then that of China during the 20th century: between hopes and despairs. I mix my child's imagination fascinated by revolutionary China in the historic realities.In the course of letters written by Yu Bin to his son, in the course of my investigation, an at the same time personal and collective history develops...

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