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Patric JEAN
1999 54' Beta SP
A film as a letter to the founder of Documentary filmmaking in Belgium, Henri Storck, whose Misery in the Borinage is here revisited, as a social standpoint: misery, outcasting, despair, in one of the wealthiest country of Europe - Belgium

Patric JEAN
2002 84' Beta digit
The director observes a social vioence that keeps in oblivion a whole social class. He documents the reality of social apartheid: social care is progressively replaced by repression. The poor or workless, is a potential criminal, and might become a prison worker.

Patric JEAN
2008 90' vidéo
From the ancient Berlin walls remains to the new Ceuta gate, in Africa, this road-movie takes us across Europe. Four borders but one axis: a multicultural society rich with its diversity despite a tradition of rejection. From North to South, the film offers humourous and intimate encounters with women and men who compose a new society with energy and generosity. Far from cliché, this film has an optimistic and sometimes squeaky look on Europe and its immigration.

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