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Jacques-Louis NYST & Danielle NYST


Theresa and Codca are struck by an image of a TV film of the fifties. This image has the particular effect of creating associations over which they have no control. In fact, they are carried back to their childhood, when a small pink spade and a bursery rhyme now seem connected with the passage of the film which thrills them. The image and the plot are tinked to the written word, to the peculiarity of the hand-writing and to the means of describing which all play an important part in our way of thinking. Let us then pretend that we can pass under the level of the story, that we can insinuate ourselves in the mesh of the signs as we were able to when we were children, and eventually discover the special region where we fully recover the gift of seeing for the very first time. This distinctive region where the opacity of the image gradually becomes transparent (hyaloide) and lets in the light of a legendary world. A world where images glitter and multiply without restrictions and beyond all rules. It often appears that confusion is indeed the most beautiful thing on earth. It is in this confusion that I find the energy that keeps me alive. Once upon a time... What would it be like if everything were always happening for the first time... on which side of the wall would we be standing ?

Technical informations

Ralisateurs/Directors :

Danile et Jacques Louis NYST

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Musique/Music :


Producteur/Producer :

Continental Video

Coproducteurs/Co-producers :

Continental Video, RTBF Lige (Vidographie), WIP

Broadcast list


1985 Certificat de "Merit in Art Video", New Media Narrative Category Video Culture International, Toronto


1985 Worldwide Video Festival du Kijkhuis, La Haye - Festival du nouveau cinma et de la vido, Montral - 18me Biennale de vido de Sao Paulo - Festival de Genve

1986 Festival du film de Strasbourg - Manifestation internationale de vido et de tlvision, Montbliard

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