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Violaine de VILLERS


The painter is my father. I'm listening to him. Then he says, reality is made of movements, germinations, and hectic moves.

Beyons appearance, we reach this begin of the creation, out of emptiness, where the painter works, where things are finding their shape, in the the early light, where things still have no name.

The camera claims lightness, in between the eye and the hand, as a brush. It discovers the pigment flasks, where invention takes place, of new coclors, and remembrance, memories.

The show is made of shapes and colors, born out of chaos, organising the canvas, melting in each other, and enlightning one another.

Technical informations

Ralisateur / Director:

Violaine de Villers

Scnario / Script:

Violaine de Villers

Image / Photography:

Annik Leroy


Blaise de Villers

Montage / Editing:

Gilberte Coenen

Mixage / Mixing:

Ugo Magnus

Musique / Musique:

Paul Panhuysen and the Kanary Grand Band

Producteur / Producer:

Violaine de Villers

Distributeurs / Distributers:

- Violaine de Villers

22 rue des Ligeois 1050 BXL (Tl:+32 2 6498764)

- W.I.P. Wallonie Image Production

Broadcast list

Du 20 au 25 octobre 2008 au facults universitaires Saint-Louis de Namur.

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