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Patric JEAN


After seeing "Misre au Borinage" by Storck and Ivens, I took the decision to return to the Borinage, the place of my childhood, in order to write the social destitution that still exists today.

The reason why? To write a letter, via a film, to Henri Storck about the most abhorrent consequences of economic horror that exist in the poorest quarters, and how the people and the area have sunk into total depredation.

Each and every day, the letter focuses on another tragic discovery, which leaves us with a more and more bleak feeling -a feeling that is sometimes unbearable. The juxtaposition of images from 1933 and of the reality of the situation becomes more and more pertinent.

Deprived of any education and direction, generation follows generation, and as time goes on, they even loose their ability to protest. They are scorned. They are the people that others ridicule? They are non-persons.

They suffer in silence. They suffer alone. They suffer in world of violence that is aimed at them.

Technical informations

Ralisateur / Director:

Patric Jean

Image / Photography:

Guy Maezelle


Jean-Jacques Quinet

Montage / Editing:

Nathalie Delvoye

Mixage / Mixing:

Jean-Jacques Quinet

Producteur / Producer:

Centre Vido de Bruxelles

Coproducteurs / Co-producers:


WIP Wallonie Image Production

Broadcast list

Diffusions en TV;

TV5 : le 02 dcembre 2005 21h00
VRT: 2008


Projection lors du "Mois du film Documentaire" Vitry-Sur-Seine, le 13 novembre 2009

Projection au Festival "Les yeux ouverts" en France, mai & juin 08

Projection au Festival "Regards d'ailleurs" sur la Belgique, la Mdiathque de l'Odysse, Dreux (France), mars 10

Projection lors de la soire d'ouverture de l'exposition autour de la mine, organise par le Centre Rgional de la photographie Nord Pas-de-Calais, le 26 mars 10

Projection dans le cadre d'un stage radio l'attention d'adolescents sur le Site du Grand Hornu, le 25 Aot 10

Projection au Cinma Tambour lors du Festival Travelling Bruxelles,le 10 fvrier 12

Projection au Cinma Gaumont lors du Festival Travelling Bruxelles,le 12 fvrier 12

Projection lors de la Semaine du Cinma Ethnographique Caen La famille, mmoire et transmission, le 30 novembre 12

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