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Karine de VILLERS


A film about Love, and the portrait of a young Danish woman of the years 1960-70, who died in an accident as her daughter, the director, was 14.

Anne-Marie Sikker Hansen, it was her name, recounts her life through her intimate journal, photos, 8 mm films, etc...

Archives of May 68 in Copenhagen, or from community lifestyle are recalled. It's all there: her emancipation, the separation with traditional relatives from Belgium and Denmark, her separation from her husband, her personal fulfilling, ... and her children.

The director and her sister, 21 years after the death of their mother, tell : That's how I see her.

Technical informations

Ralisateur / Director:

Karine de Villers

Scnario / Script:

Karine de Villers

Image / Photography:

Dominique Henry


Quentin Jacques

Jean-Jacques Quinet

Montage / Editing:

Philippe Boucq

Mixage / Mixing:

Omar Perez

Musique / Musique:

Ivan Georgiev

Producteur / Producer:

Simple Production

Coproducteurs / Co-producers:

WIP, ARTE Belgique, Arte GEIE, Gsara, RTBf

Broadcast list

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