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Sant mentale

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On February 18th, 1976, the psychotherapeutic institution La Devinire opened its doors to 19 reputedly incurable children, rejected by all. It was seemingly beyond the limits of common sense, psychiatry and pedagogy to acknowledge them, recognise them.

La Devinire accepted these virtually exiled children unconditionally, in keeping its founding principle not to reject them on any grounds. The word asylum recovers its original meaning here: a space without bars and without drugs, where one has the right to live with ones madness. Over more than twenty years, bonds of solidarity have been forged between these individuals without attachments.

With the passing seasons, I have filmed at close range this place that has enabled life to flourish, there were everything seemed foredoomed.

Technical informations

Ralisateur / Director:

Benot Dervaux

Scnario / Script:

Image / Photography:

Benot Dervaux


Benot De clerck

Montage / Editing:

Marie-Hlne Dozo

Mixage / Mixing:

Benot Biral

Musique / Musique:

Producteur / Producer:

Les Films du Fleuve


Coproducteurs / Co-producers:

W.I.P.Wallonie Image Production

La sep Arte


Broadcast list


ASBL Mdia-Animation, lors d'une activit d'ducation au Cinma, le 6 mai 2009, Bruxelles

Projection organise par l'Union dpartementale des associations familiale de Limoge, "Semaine d'information sur la Sant Mentale", le 11 mars 10

Projection lUniversit de Lige, dans le cadre des projections Nickelodon, le 28 avril 10

Projection organise par la Cinmathque de Corse & la Casa Di Lume dans le cadre du clin doeil fait au Cinma contemporain et de la semaine du documentaire, le 8 mars 12

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