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Marie-France COLLARD

Behind The New Gospel of competitiveness, one can find some uncommon lives, i.e., the titles of male and female workers from the Northern and the Southern countries who suffer from its direct consequences. This film shows the encounter with those workers, their works and their daily life. In Belgium and France, Rosa and Marie-Thrse are spending their last months working for the Levis factories. Their story is similar or comparable to the story of Yanti and some anonymous female workers who work in the textile industries in Turkey, Indonesia and the Philippines and whose life comes down to 10, 12 or 14 hours of work each day and a derisory salary.

Technical informations

Ralisateur / Director:

Marie-France COLLARD

Image / Photography:

Philippe GUILBERT, Samuel DRAVET, Dominique HENRY, Olivier PULLINCKX, Louis-Phillipe CAPELLE, Alain MARCOEN, Virginie SAINT-MARTIN

Son/Sound: Pierre MERTENS, Thierry TIRTIAUX, Ronald M. PAPAS, Jean-Jacques QUINET, Paul HEYMANS, Frdric MEERT, Stphane MORELLE

Montage image et son/ Image and sound editing:

Marie-Hlne MORA

Mixage / Mixing:


Jacques CLISSE

Voix / Voice:


Producteur / Producer:

Latitudes Production

Coproducteurs / Co-producers:

W.I.P.Wallonie Image Production / RTBF / ARTE Belgique / Movimento Productions / CRRAV Nord Pas-de-Calais .

Broadcast list


Premier Prix - Festival International de la Vido Thme Social de Lige (Octobre 2005)


Projection organise en collaboration par les associations Autour du 1er mai & Peuple et culture, Le fminisme est-il un mauvais genre ?, France, le 6 fvrier 10

Projection cin-dbat lors de la campagne de sensibilisation Meilleur March organise en collaboration entre Oxfam Magasins du Monde et Cinmarche, le 25 fvrier 10

Projection destine un groupe de femmes de la ville d'Audincourt l'Espace Ghandi, le 28 mai 10

Projection la Bibliothque de Malmedy, le 09 juin 11

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