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Violaine de VILLERS


Through the gates of Essaouira rushes the wind of Mogador. Essaouira-Mogador, on the Moroccan coast, is a place of memories. Between the two names of this town, there is a time marked by the departure of the Jews to the Promised Land in the fifties. This exodus put an end to their secular cohabitation with the Muslims.

The Israeli writer, Ami Bouganim, rediscovers his town of birth after thirty-five years. As a child at Mogador, the wind brought him news of the world. As an adult, he is carried back on the wings of the wind to the source of his writing. He lands at Essaouira and meets those who are working for the future of their town. They are only too happy to renew the bond forged by memory. You re like a brother. Welcome, the seagull-man says to Ami Bouganim.

Technical informations

Ralisateur / Director:

Violaine de Villers

Scnario / Script:

Violaine de Villers

Image / Photography:

Sbastien Koeppel


Cosmas Antoniadis

Montage / Editing:

Sandrine Deegen

Mixage / Mixing:

Paul Delnoy

Musique / Musique:

Et Chaare Ratsone


Producteur / Producer:

Saga Film

Coproducteurs / Co-producers:

W.I.P.Wallonie Image Production


TV Tres

Centre Cinmatographique marocain

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