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Amrique du Sud

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1934, the year in which Leopold III comes to the throne in Belgium; Hitler and Mussolini meet in Venice. In India, Ghandi interrupts his civil disobedience campaign. Marie Curie dies and Sophia Loren is born. Scott Fitzgerald publishes Tender Is the Night, while William Beebe, in a spherical steel vessel, is the first to explore the depths of the oceans 1934 is also the year in which a Belgo-French expedition sets sail to uncover the mysteries of Easter Island.

Technical informations

Ralisateur/ Director: Thomas Lavachery

Scnario/ Script: Thomas Lavachery et Denis Roussel

Image/ Photography: Lois-Philippe Capelle et Eric Blavier

Son/ Sound: Paul Heymans et Cosmas Antoniadis

Montage/ Editing: Denis Roussel

Mixage/ Mixing: Paul Heymans

Musique/ Music: Thierry Delvigne

Coproducteurs/ Co-producers: RTBF, Triangle 7, Fonds Henri Storck, WIP

Broadcast list

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La Trois, le 17 mars 11

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