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Muriel LOTH


Paper dream is a poem of an entire life, where the only real character of the film, Pérenne, makes the story line. Actor or spectator, she goes through history, through its different periods and fashions from 1900’s to nowadays, in an animated set of photographs, cut and modified in an impressionist collage. Reality and fiction join here in this kind of atmosphere that only dream can create in oneself.

Technical informations

Réalisateur/ Director: Muriel Loth

Scénario/ Script: Muriel Loth

Image/ Photography: Muriel Loth

Montage/ Editing: Muriel Loth

Producteur/ Producer: Blanc Murmure

Coproducteurs/ Co-producers: WIP, Carré Noir, RTBF Liège, Direction générale des affaires culturelles du Hainaut et le Ministrère de la Région Wallonne

Broadcast list

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