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Loredana Bianconi accompanies a female friend on her search for a job, a

very perillous quest when you are forty five years old.

By filming from the inside personal and courageous upheavels the tale builds

up step by step, like a series of reverberations. Through the day to day

actions and thoughts of the character the film leeds us to meditate on

solidarity, age, beauty, autonomy, happiness and our collective dreams and

this up to the most fragile of moments, up to ones closest relation to


All in all is it possible to be different when youre trying to find

your place in the rat race ? Are you allowed to think of work as something

more, an opening, a dream, an experiment?

Technical informations

Ralisation : Loredana Bianconi Image : Els Van Riel / Jorge Len

Montage : Rudy Maerten

Son : Ricardo Castro

Broadcast list

Grand Prix au Festival International du Documentaire de Marseille - juillet 2004

Prix du meilleur documentaire belge Filmer tout prix (Bruxelles) - novembre 2004

Filmmaker Film Festival (Italie Milan) novembre 05 1er Prix


'ASBL Etablissement d'Enface Porject, le 5 septembre 2008

Les Passeurs d'images et de Sons, projection lors de la seaine du dveloppement durable "Perdre sa vie la gagner", le 3 avril 09 en France

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