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Sonia is 52. She has been free-lancing for 30 years around Brussel's Red Light district : she has her own 'salon'. She choosed to be a pro : nothing had her earning a living this way. Today, she will soon retire, but keeps organising health care or legal defense for lesser priviledged collegues. She confides about the psychology talent and the humanity requested by the job, about the ability of overcoming what anyone else would only imagine with reluctance. She tells us about her profession, the 'oldest one in the world', and the kind of love about it.

Technical informations

Ralisation: Nathalie Delaunoy

Image : Elin Kirschfink

Son : Aline Blondiau

Montage image : Anne-Laure Gugan

Montage son : Aline Blondiau

Mixage : Manu de Boissieu

Broadcast list


- Cinfleuve 2005 (Saarbrcken/D Metz/F) Prix du meilleur documentaire

- Punto de Vista (Pampelune/SP)

- YLE/ FST (Finnish Broadcast Company) : le 8 aot 2005

Grand Prix


- RTBF2 : 11 avril 2005 (20h45)
RTBF2: 16 mars 2009

- YLE/ FST (Finnish Broadcast Company) : le 8 aot 2005


-Projection le 01 octobre 2008 au muse d'art contemporain de Castilla y Lon en espagne

-Projections le 16 octobre 2008 au Ciclo de Cine Documental en Espagne
Projection la section PS dIxelles, le 5 octobre 13

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