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Caroline D'HONDT


Connections is a film that leads us on a path to the discovery of

others and of ourselves. It is a journey based around the meetings of both

men and women in the heart of the underground systems of two cities: Mexico

City and Brussels. This is not about trying to characterize the underground

in the leading role. No, it is more about using it as a central location: a

perfect image of urban sprawl and industrialised society moving at a hectic

pace. An apparently innocuous place where one can cross paths with someone

without even seeing them. The underground network which endlessly moves the

incessant flow of people.In the middle of the restless crowd, we can see these men and women whose advanced age dispels this feeling of urgency which makes the world go round..In an atmosphere of indifference and loneliness, they live out their old age in the heart of the city. An old age that we consider like a serious illness

to be fought against, that one chooses to hide or ignore. These people,

however, have so many things to transmit to us, they are our roots, our

memories. Within the confines of this place, in the heart of the

underground, I will go to meet these men and women. They will tell us about

themselves, their lives and their visions of the world. They will transmit a

part of themselves to us, their worries, their realities, their dreams...

and they will also tell us about the place they hold in the mass societies.

Progressively eliminating the borders, we will pass from one subway to the

other (Mexico City - Brussels, Brussels - Mexico City), from one person to

another. To take other views of the "elderly". It is the topics and the

individuals that will weave the structure of the film, and not the cities,

because the film is not about drawing parallels between Mexico City and

Brussels. But looking at what happens elsewhere in the largest city of the

world will transport us back to what is happening right next to us, and

supported by the same concern: getting old in the cities. For old age is

everywhere... inescapable. And, despite the distances that separate man,

they are universal. The cycles of life are identical everywhere: one is

born, one grows old, then one dies; it is only the codes that differ.

Technical informations

Ralisation : Caroline DHondt Image : Rmon Fromont

Scnario : Caroline DHondt Montage : Virginie Messiaen

Son : Paul Heymans

Production : Cobra Films (Daniel Devalck)

Broadcast list

Ekotopfilm (Bratislava Slovaquie) octobre 05 Main prize (pubistic films), Prize of Slvnaft, a.s.

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