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Lopukhovo... a forgotten Ukrainian village deep in the heart of the Carpthian forest, suspended between the dismantling of the ex-Sovietic Union and the approach of the new European Union.

Lopukhovo and its sole resource, its green Gold : the forest. The relationship between forest and man is a complex one. Today, it is threatened by forestry development that no longer works for the benefit of the villagers.

Nourishing mother, though often mistreated, the forest sometimes swallow men up and spits them out beyond the borders of Ukraine.

Lopukhovo and its inhabitants. Women, men and their poignant spirit of resistance. A mosaic of LIFE IN SPITE OF EVERYTHING, in another Europe, whose existence we just keep on forgetting.

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Ralisation : Jara Malevez

Production : Tribu films

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Projection au Centre des Visiteurs au Jardin Botanisue de Rio de Janeiro, le 26 fvrier 10

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