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Place: Charleroi in Belgium. An Italian family on Christmas morning. The mother, Maria, is preparing the turkey. The father, Luigi, is not doing anything. The grandmother, Mama, has a headache. Antonio and Carlo, the two sons, are going back and forth throughout the house. They lock themselves in the toilet. Maria, the ubiquitous mother, very much in charge of the limited and confined space of the action makes her presence felt by all the members of the family. Overshadowed by her while she coordinates and sets the rythm of the day's usual and family excitment every family member his best foot forward. Finally, a priest blesses the meal around which the entire family is gathered.

Technical informations

Ralisateur / Director:

Manuel Lorenzo

Scnario / Script:

Manuel Lorenzo

Principaux interprtes / Featuring:

Daniela Bisconti, Luigi Donato, Francis D'Ostuni, Daniel Romeo, Franco Romeo, Graziella Senescente

Image / Photography:

Frdric Decoux

Son / Sound:

Olivier Rey, Annie Rucquoy

Montage / Editing:

Jol Delestenne

Producteur / Producer:

Luz Verde

Coproducteurs / Coproducers:

Luz Verde / WIP

Broadcast list

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