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Sylvestre SBILLE


Several hundreds meters long, several hundreds meters high, such is St. Kilda. A paradise for seabirds. Hell for men.

Hell ? Perhaps not. For thousands of years, a community of men and women peoples the island. A particular osmosis becomes established : the taming of the wild sheep, the growing of a few parcels of potatoes, the harvesting of peat But above all the hunting of migratory birds, barehanded, right up the cliffs.

Over and beyond the symbol of man dominating nature, or of the coming end of traditional ways of life, the film invites us to reflect on insularity. St. Kilda was she not, - once her unique beauty and profound difference was revealed that uopia about which sing poets, philosophers and travelers alike ?

An island burst forth from the waves, strange and terrible, as in the first days of Creation. An island, medieval symbol of renunciation and spirituality. But more importantly, a real island, populated until the evacuation in 1930 by a community of just a handful of families, and where survival depended on an unendingly stuggle against the birds, solitude and the elements.

Today the island belongs to the National Trust for Scotland. Volunteers come every summer to help repair the ruins of the village. But no-one comes to St. Kilda completely by chance, and the island often proves to be the ultimate goal of some inner journey

Technical informations

Images : Benot Bertuzzo

Montage : Sandrine Deegen

Musique originale : Jean-Pierre Van Hees Son : Quentin Collette

Assistante de production : Emmanuelle Pirotte

Conformation, talonnage : Olivier Calicis Mixage : Laurent Lepaumier

Narrateur : Olivier Massart

Scnario et ralisation : Sylvestre Sbille

Production : EDEN Films

Avec laide de Wallonie Image Productions (Lige), de la SCAM (Paris) via sa bourse Brouillon dun rve,

et du National Trust for Scotland (Edimbourg)

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