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Manon GARY


Brussels, 2007. Manon turns 32, has a degree, and looks for a job. From one contract to another, she discovers the employment world, the social services and the precariouness at work. Far from loosing her hopes, she wants to find a rewarding activity and refuses to see unemployment as an option. From one meeting to the other, she finds out that many conceive work another way...

Technical informations

Ralisation : Manon Gary Image : Jacques Borzykowski

Scnario : Manon Gary

Montage : Yannick Leroy

Son : Pascale Stevens, Laurent Geuning & Magali Suermans

Montage son et mixage : Nicolas Joly

Production : Centre Vido de Bruxelles (Marianne Osteaux)

Broadcast list


Premire publique l'Arenberg, Bruxelles, le 6 juin 07

Projection lors du colloque international "Etats de souffrance, dcrypter les souffrances sociales contemporaines" Louvain-La-Neuve, mars 07

Projection au Botanique l'occasion des "SMART Days", septembre 07

Multi-diffusion la carte / Vidothque "Nomade", lors du Festival Micronomics Bruxelles,mai 08


Le 15 juillet 08 22h50 sur La Deux (RTBF)



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