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Children's portraits in a reception centre for asylum seekers.

Since when they left their country until the day when their fate will be fixed, their lives are put in brackets. It is difficult to them to build a future, or even to imagine it. They have to learn to live from day to day, without project, in the uncertainty of the next day. They have already had to leave friends, friends to whom they had become attached; they try to understand why they have no house for the other children, why it is necessary to learn a new language

Their everyday lives and the questions that arise these children will form the weft of the film. A suite of " Whys " which will stay maybe without answer, but " Whys " which will make us understand better how the exodus is lived, explained and understood by children and teenagers.

Technical informations

Ralisation / Direction : Roger Beeckmans

Image / Photography : Roger Beeckmans

Son / Sound : Bruno Diliberto

Montage / Editing : Greta Thijs

Montage son / Sound Editing : Greta Thijs

Mixage / Mixing Paul Delvoye

Producteur / Producer : Martine Barb (Image Cration.com)

Broadcast list

Diffusion TV:

RTBF (La Une) : le 19/06/07 22h45

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