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Emigrating means mourning the land that we were born in and which, once behind us, becomes a sacred place in our memory to which we are attached. The directors parents left their native village of Esanatoglia in Italy to come and work in Belgium in the fifties. For the past few years, new migrants from Europe and around the world are now coming to work in this prosperous part of Italy and are moving into the village. Starting from the story of one family, a polyphonic tale grows to illustrate this process or mourning and re-birth which, little by little, is deeply transforming our identity.

Technical informations

Ralisation / Director : Sonia Pastecchia

Image / DOP : Ronnie Ramirez

Son / Sound: Gilles Laurent, Cosmas Antoniadis

Montage / Editing : Stphanie Mahet

Montage son / Sound editing: Lazslo Umbreit

Conception sonore / ? : Christian Coppin

Mixage/ Mixing : Emmanuel de Boissieu

Produced by Iota Production and Crescendo Films (France). With the support of the French-speaking community of Belgium, Wallonie Image Production (WIP), CNC, in co-production with the RTBF and ARTE

Broadcast list

Prix en festivals;

Etoiles de la SCAM 2008

Diffusions TV:

RTBF (La Deux) : 31/07/07 22h50
ARTE : 05/10/08 23h40


Jeudi 10 janvier 2008, projection au cinma Churchill

Projection au muse du Cinema de Bruxelles, fvrier 2008

Samedi 10 janvier 2009 lors des Mardis des documentaires au Petit Thtre Mercelis

Mercredi 19 novembre 2008 18h00 la Rotonde Bruxelles

Mercredi 19 et dimanche30 novembre 2008 au Botanique Bruxelles.

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