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Jean-Claude RIGA


Amid the waves, in the confined space of an angeless freighter, four men are apparently free of all ties to land But those who are exiled on the sea can be docile preys to a frenzy of nostalgia. The blue of all navies is ink to the poet. It speaks of lost loves, of failed anchorages. The ocean salt hardens the heart of men. It inebriates them like a cheap wine. The wind wips on their faces an illusory awakening, brushing away the beloved, whom it replaces with petrified images. (Lines from Bleu Marine)

Technical informations

Ralisateur/ Director :
Jean-Claude Riga
Scnario/ Script :
Jean-Claude Riga
Principaux interprtes- Featuring :
Jean-Claude Adelin, Maurice Garnel, Dominique Pinon, Bernard Ballet
Image/ Photography :
Alain Marcoen
Son/ sound :
Andr Brugmans
Montage/ Editing :
Marie-France Collard
Musique/ Music :
Jean Pierre Urbano
Producteur/ Producer :
Saga Films
Coproducteurs/ Co-producers :
RTBF, ZDF, la SEPT, WIP, saga Films

Broadcast list

1990 Rencontres cinmatographiques de DunkerqueD festival du film des rgions, Saint-Paul des Trois ChteauxD festival international de film de sport, LubljanaD transfac, 4e dition, Tignes
1991 Festival des rgions, Saint-Paul des Trois ChteauxD Festival Premiers Plan, AngersD Week-end du cinma belge, SaintesD Rencontres cinmatographiques de Digne-les-BainsD Festival aux Aores

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