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Amérique du Nord

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Le film C’est notre terre is a documentary consacrated to life on the Maliotenan Indian reservation. Our first goal is to let the western public know that there exist still, at the time being, native Indian people wanting to live in accordance with their own traditions and customs and who are not museum pieces. The second goal is to give thes Indians the opportunity to explain their vision of the universe to us and to initiate us into their understanding of the world and nature…to let us see in what way their culture is profoundly rich, beautiful and original. A culture deserving not only to be préserve and upheld but also might even serve as inspiration to ours. The third goal is to inform the world opinion of the degrading and inhuman condition they have fallen into and to enable us to see how our world concept has brought about misery and alienation for entire populations or races, as well as for ourselves. The Innuan Indians take charge of the whole commentary of this film ; It is not the pretention of our film, C’est notre terre, to be either an ethnic documentary nor a piece of sociological journalism but, rather, to serve as a mirror-like film. This reflecting looking-glass which the Indians have always held up to us and into which we have never really dared to look.

Technical informations

Réalisateur/ Director :
Jacques Deschamps
Image/ Photography :
Jean-Pierre Mesine, Bernard Chouinard, Jean-Paul Savard
Son/ Sound :
Marcel Soler
Montage/ Editing :
Éric Peeters, André Delvaux
Mixage/ Mixing :
Jacques Sougne
Musique/ Music :
Etienne Bours
Producteur/ Producer :
Alain Quadalpi, Jacques Gouverneur
Coproducteurs/ Co-producers :
FR3 Provence- Alpes- Côte d’Azur- Corse, RTBF Liège, WIP

Broadcast list

1988 Video Film Festival, Berlin

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