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Jean-Jacques ANDRIEN


Fouron-le-Comte, one of the six villages legally annexed to a Flemish region but French-speaking by choice. Sunday 20 May 1979, the villagers are expecting a demonstration of Flemish nationalists, called for this afternoon. The mounted police is there to recall that, for close on twenty years, the area has been living in a state of siege. Homes broken into without a warrant, partisan attitudes on the part of the state-police, the arbitrary arrest of five French-speakers, such will be the day's harvest of incidents which will determine one of the villagers'spokesmen to meet the King of the Belgians. Jos, a young farmer, will have a few minutes meeting with the sovereign at the side of a motorway.
By May 23, the prisoners are freed. Their community is there to welcome them, with simple and spontaneous joy. Jos makes a short speech, in which the six villages express their will to return to the French language region. "Memories" contrasts the violence of Flemish fascists demonstrators with the inhabitants quiet resolved to continue their everyday life. No hatred in their eyes or their words. Simply the will, beyond any hysteria, to make heard the voice of a small country people, led astray in an error of history.


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Ralisateur/Director :

Jean-Jacques ANDRIEN

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Producteur/Producer :

Les Films de la Drve

Coproducteurs/Co-producers :

Les Films de la Drve, RTBF, WIP

Pour acheter le film :http://www.lesfilmsdeladreve.be/

Broadcast list


1984 Ducat d'Or du jury international au Festival international du film de Mannheim


1984 Festival du Nouveau Monde de Montral

1985 Festival international Films et Cheval de Lussas - Biennale internationale du film de Venise - Festival international d'Orlans - Cultura Latina, Paris - Festival international des droits de l'homme, Strasbourg - Festivals de Beaconsfield et de Wurzburg

Projection Flagey dans le cadre du Festival Filmer tout prix, le 6 novembre 13

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