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Michel  URBAN


What chip shop, chip-stall and chippery does not sell hamburgers today ? The chip pan and chip are not, however, symbols of this little country. You might think that the first would have been faithful to the second, guaranteed our traditions against the fast food invasion. Think carefully of the hot-plate where slices of onion and minced meat swim in grease, of the ketchup spreading, immediatly overflowing, absorbed by the serviette. Think then of the rich, bright, golden coat of our chips.

Technical informations

Ralisateur/ Director :
Michel Urbain
Scnario/ Script :
Michel Urbain
Image/ Photography :
Dominique Lonneux
Son/ Sound :
Paul Delvoie
Montage/ Editing :
Paul Lhoir
Mixage/ Mixing :
Paul Delvoie
Musique/ Music :
Pierre Alardin, Michel Mainil
Producteur/ Producer :
Bruno Mersch
Coproducteurs/ Co-producers :
RTBF, Centre Image Production, WIP, GSARA

Broadcast list

1988 Film and Video Workshop Festival , Copenhague Hamburger Filmburo Forum, Hambourg Festival video dEstavar
1989 Interfilm 7, Berlin

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