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Give me just a movie, but good. There is a movie, a good one, so long, and have a good timeWhen the irongates will be open, well be able to get in, like in a grotto full of treasures. Images in box, the one necessary to satisfy customer. Jean-Claude goes and comes between all cinemas reproductions, once more canned image, also sounds. And Jean-Claude does not stop, he packes boxes into other boxes, files boxes, cassettes together, boxes into bags. The movies pass from one hand to another, one hundred fifty francs of dreams, but it must have a videoplayer. And the people pass, like in a movie. When the night will become and everybody made his choice when everyone will have what they believe to be their images part, the only thing to do is to close tne shop, where yht ghosts will stay who did not seduce nobody today. good bye, I hate to see you to gobut have a good time

Technical informations

Ralisateur/ Director :
Eddy Luyckx
Scnario/ Script :
Eddy Luyckx
Image/ Photography :
Alain Marcoen
Son/ Sound :
Thierry Dehalleux
Producteur/ Producer :
Luc Dardenne
Coproducteurs/ Co-producers :
Drives, WIP,

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