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Simon ARAZI & Laurent VAN LACKER


Intimate portrait of the Muslim community of Yunnan, a national minority never considered fully Chinese, nor possibly Arab.
A faithful reflection of the existing contrasts between this community and Chinese society; this film analyses the external tensions as well as the internal differences, depicting Muslim daily life in the provinces capital and in a small town. Koran schools, mosques, Muslim restaurants... all stand in contrasts to Chinese society. This film unveils an autonomous community proud of its religious and cultural independence. A pride they have to wear with discretion though, since in this period of political reformation, all religious practices in China rests on a rather fragile peace. Choosing compromise over confrontation and tolerance over fundamentalism, the Muslims of Yunnan follow their faith in a state of exile and uncertainty, a place called China...

Technical informations

Ralisateur / Director:
Simon Arazi & Laurent Van Lancker
Scnario / Script:
Simon Arazi & Laurent Van Lancker
Image / Photography:
Simon Arazi & Laurent Van Lancker
Simon Arazi & Laurent Van Lancker
Montage / Editing:
Pascal Besnard & Laurent Van Lancker
Mixage / Mixing:
Paul Heymans
Musique / Musique:
Producteur / Producer:
Coproducteurs / Co-producers:
W.I.P.Wallonie Image Production
Les Films de la Passerelle
Triangle 7

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