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Judith and Mélanie live in a block of flats looked after by an excentric caretaker, Madame Ponce. The arrival of Robin a handsome young man with a passion for music, will change Judith’s life. Too timid to reveal her feelings, Judith decides to writ a letter to him. Between dream and reality, a succession of amusing incidents culminates in a happy ending.

Technical informations

Réalisateur/ Director :
Marie Mandy
Principaux interprètes- Featuring :
Pascale Tison, Alexis Denisof, Alexandre Vandernoot, Viviane Collet
Image/ Photography :
Willy Stassen
Son/ Sound :
Philippe Sellier, Paul Heymans
Montage/ Editing :
Dominique Lefever
Mixage/ Mixing :
Alek Goosse, Carl Van Brande
Musique/ Music :
Juliet E. Hill
Producteur/ Producer :
Amazone films
Coproducteurs/ Co-producers :
K2, Mermaid Film London, Amazone Films, WIP

Broadcast list

1990 Sélection au Prix du court, Lille – Rencontres cinématographiques de Digne-les-Bains
1991 festival international de films et vidéos de femmes de Montréal

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