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Claudine DELVAUX


There is she. She is here, in Lige. There is he. He is there, in Rolle or in Paris. The letter form is a double game : there are two characters ( she and he) ; two different times (that of writing and that of reading) ; there are two places (here and there). Above all there is that which goes from the one to the other. A letter is always the mark of a void to be crossed. An attempt and a temptation. Where and when it starts is more and less known, but where and how and when it will end up is uncertain. What is known, is that something is in circulation. The idea of a video-letter is one of a double agent. There is the mechanism of the letter but also that of the video. The word and the sound images, the hand and the eyes, the voice and the ears. Video writing by the letter ; the screen is the paper. It must be written there, on a sheet of light and sound and you have to know how to tear up the screen to start again. The letter is one from a woman to a film-maker, to an unusually divided person : between two frontiers (France and Swirtzerland), two cultures (catholic and protestant), between two films (always). This letter comes from a woman who has made not films but children, a person who stands also between two frontiers (linguistic), between two lives (career and family), between two projects (a book and a film).

Technical informations

Ralisateur/ Director :
Claudine Delvaux
Principaux interprtes/ Featuring :
Ivan, Tristan, Aude, Benji, Florence
Image/ Photography :
Alain Marcoen
Son/ Sound :
Thierry Dehalleux, Gaston Slykerman
Montage/ Editing :
Claudine Delvaux, Eric Peeters
Mixage/ Mixing :
Gaston Slykerman
Musique/ Music :
Bach, Debussy, Haydn
Producteur/ Producer :
Drives, Vronique Marit
Coproducteurs/ Co-producers :
Centre audiovisuel de lUniversit de Lige, RTBF Lige, Drives, WIP

Broadcast list

1987 Semaine internationale de vido, Saint-Gervais
1988 Festival des filles des Vues, Montral- Festival international des films et vidos de femmes, Montral- Worldwide Video Festival du Kijkhuis, Amsterdam- American Film Institute Video Festival, Los Angeles- Festival dei popoli, Florence

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