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Christophe FRAIPONT


Between Matadi and Antwerp, three weeks of ocean. A route much less used these days than in colonial times. The Montsalva is probably making her last trip. Cargo ships are old fashioned. Only one passenger boarded to Mataldi. In his cabin, he writes postcards to his loved ones who hes going to see again after three years away. Each day seems the same as the one that have just passed. Members of the crew tell about their own life. The large sea quietness. The winter approaches, while the boat continues to the North

Technical informations

Ralisateur/ Director :
Christophe Fraipont
Scnario/ Script :
Christophe Fraipont
Image/ Photography :
Antoine Roch
Son/ Sound :
Pierre Mertens
Montage/ Editing :
Andr Delvaux
Mixage/ Mixing :
Michel Sternon
Musique/ Music :
Marc Hrouet
Producteur/ Producer :
Marcia Lerner, Christine Pireaux
Coproducteurs/ Co-producers :
RTBF Lige, Insas (Atelier de ralisation), Les Films de la Passerelle, WIP

Broadcast list

1987 Festival international du film de Strasbourg

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