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Richard KALISZ


Video-documentary on communication between a prisoner and a woman. There is no question of social comment about prison life but rather of revealing poetry and drama through the inherent contradiction of the prisoner and the material object and the symbol. They are obliged to raise their voices above normal levels and use visual language, gestures, to talk to each other through the glass. Their conversation are full of loving messages and the wish to communicate : it is a determined effort to give a stamp of nobility to the melodramatic language. The couple in the film always speak to each other through the intervention of records. For in reality, they communicate thanks to the independent radio station programmes reserved for prisoners, their families and friend on which they can dedicate records to each other. As soon as people are separated, passion becomes absolute. As soon as they are free, one knows that things are different.

Technical informations

Réalisateur/ Director :
Richard Kalisz
Scénario/ Script :
Richard Kalisz
Principaux interprètes/ Featuring :
Francine Landrain, François Sikivie
Image/ Photography :
Lucien Ronday
Son/ Sound :
André Gérard
Montage/ Editing :
Francis Galopin
Coproducteurs/ Co-producers :
RTBF Liège (vidéographie), WIP

Broadcast list

1984 Centre Pompidou, Paris – Worldwide Video festival du Kijkhuis, La Haye – Maisons de la culture d’Orléans et de Marseille
1985 Festival du film de l’errance, Bois du Luc
1987 festival international du film de Strasbourg

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