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Hubert GALLE


At fifty, when visiting the casualty department at La Louvire, Louis comes across a classmate, Marina, whom he has most touch with. The daughter of Marina whom he sees marks the passage of time. Through the surroundings and people he seeks to understand what Marina's life must have been like and what today's Marinas are like. But and this is the point of the film nowhere can he find answers to his questions or at least not those he was expecting. They lead to other conclusions concerning today's realities. Everything is fragmented and meanings are not what they seem. In e region stricken with unemployment, in these hard times, it is not always a good idea to speak about the occupational diseases.

Technical informations

Ralisateur/ Director :
Hubert Galle, Isabelle Leduc, Frank Willersinn
Principaux interprtes/ Featuring :
Jean Louvet
Image/ Photography :
Antonio Capurso
Son/ Sound :
Albert Rupf
Montage/ Editing :
Robert Couez, Quadrat-Film
Mixage/ Mixing :
Robert Defays
Musique/ Music :
Philippe Gandibleu
Coproducteurs/ Co-producers :
Quadrat-Film, RTBF Charleroi, WIP

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