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Hubert GALLE & Isabelle LEDUC


10th July, 1982, 3.00 pm on the platform at Tournai station. Nearly 1500 diocesans gather for the 186th Annual Leave Pilgrimage . There are two special trains to take them, one a night train specially equipped with ambulances coaches. As well as able-bodied pilgrims, they take one hundred stretcher cases needing constant supervision which must be provided for the whole eight daysThe object of the film is to give an account of the progress of this journey to Lourdes as much during the journey on the night train as during the stay there. Its daily routine as well as the incidents and its rituals. With the eye of an ethnologist, in the sense that our intentions not to pass judgement but to seek to observe, we look with the objectivity more easily claimed than achieved that we usually reserve for so called different civilisation.

Technical informations

Ralisateur/ Director:
Hubert Galle, Isabelle Leduc, Frank Willersinn
Image/ Photography:
Hubert Galle, Isabelle Leduc, Frank Willersinn
Son/ Sound:
Hubert Galle, Isabelle Leduc, Frank Willersinn
Montage/ Editing:
Hubert Galle, Isabelle Leduc, Frank Willersinn
Mixage/ Mixing:
Roger Defays
Musique/ Music:
Fabrice Gille, Pier Quinet
Producteurs/ Producers:
Frank Willersinn
Coproducteurs/ Co-producers:
Quadrat Film, WIP

Broadcast list

1983 Troisime Semaine europenne du cinma, Strasbourg
1984 Internacional de cortometraje, Alicante Internationale Filmwoche, Mannheim

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