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César DIAZ

On January 31 1980, in Guatemala, while the civil war between the military dictatorship and the Marxist guerrillas drags on, 32 representatives of Indian peasant associations arrive from each corner of the country and occupy pacifically the Spain embassy to claim their rights. None of them come out of it alive. All are burned live by the military junta in power. Only the ambassador survives.

In memory of that massacre, today, Why do humans burn? Takes a critical look at the present.

Technical informations

Ralisation et scenario: Csar Diaz
Image: Diego Romero Suarez-Llanos
Son: Ameno Cordoba
Angie Hernandez: Giacomo Buonafina
Montage image: Cdric Zoenen
Montage son: Alexandre Davidson
Mixage: Gilles Bernardeau
2eme quipe Madrid: Jeremy Tondeur

Production: Non Rouge Production
Coproduction: Wallonie Image Production

Freak level: Directeur de Post-production
Laurent Chinot: Traductions
Antonio Chitop: Juan Antonio Us Maldonado
Images d'archive: Victor Hugo Cruz
Pamela Yates
Gnrique: Amlie Landry
Sous-titres: Antoine Donnet
Etalonnage: Mike Joris - Studio L'quipe
Matriel son: Blankcollectif
Studio son: Alea Jacta

Broadcast list


Projection avant-premire l'Arenberg de Bruxelles, le 02 fvrier 2010

Projection la Casa Nicaragua, le 23 septembre 10

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