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Gaëlle KOMAR

At dawn, the animals file into the slaughterhouse in their hundreds. Men are there to greet them; their slaughter is the first stage of their transformation. 
Once it has been fuelled, the chain sets the pace of work: both animal nature and the workers know-how are subjected to the rhythm. 

From the beast to the meat, from industrial systematization to packaged products, how is our consumption determined?

To which extent does a production mode define our culture and aspirations; for wich good and what mankind?

Technical informations

Ralisation, cadre @ prises de son:
Direction, camera & sound recordist:
Galle Komar

Assistant ralisation & cadre:
Assistant director & second camera:
Jol Godfroid

Montage image/son:
Editing picture/sound:
Fanny Roussel

Mixage et son:
Sound design & Sound mixing:
Thibaut Darscrotte

Etalonnage & gnrique:
Grading & credits:
Olivier Vanaschen

Producteurs excutifs:
Line Producers:
Mathieu Frances, Galle Komar, Jol Godfroid, Julien Bechara, Isabel de la Sierna, Gilles-Yvan Frankignoul

Broadcast list

Diffusions TV:




Projection au festival Plein Open Air au cinma Nova, le 17 aot 11

Projection au Grand Thtre Copenhague dans le cadre du CPH:DOX, le 03 novembre 11

Projection au Flaesketorvet 60 Copenhague dans le cadre du CPH:DOX, le 10 novembre 11

Projection The Danish Film Institute la Cinmathque de Copenhague dans le cadre du CPH:DOX, le 12 novembre 11

Projection dans le cadre du festival "Filmer le travail" en fvrier 12

Projection lEspace Delvaux, le 10 mars 12

Projection au Ptit Cin dans le cadre de Regards sur le Travail, le 10 mars 20h00

Projection lors des Rencontres du Cinma documentaire au Cinma Le Mlis de Montreuil , le 6 octobre 12

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