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Mourad BOUCIF & Taylor BARMAN


In the heart of Brussels, at the tresshold of precarity and luxury, Kamel (M. Maimuni) lives a happy life among his family and friends. Handsome and wealthy, Kamel lives out his strong values and principles with the power of conviction. As he is waiting for the bus, an old friend crashes in his life. It is the starting point of a long dive in the hell of drug addiction.

Technical informations

Ralisateur / Director:

Taylan Barman & Mourad Boucif

Scnario / Script:

Taylan Barman & Mourad Boucif

Image / Photography:

Taylan Barman & Mourad Boucif


Taylan Barman & Mourad Boucif

Montage / Editing:

Ronald Dagonnier

Mixage / Mixing:

Jacques Clisse

Musique / Musique:

Pascal Weyders/Daddy K/ BRC/ United Voices/dfi J/Bouchnac

Producteur / Producer:

Quartier Maritime

Coproducteurs / Co-producers:

W.I.P.Wallonie Image Production

Drives/Grard & Associs/

Quartier Maritime

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