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A MON PERE RESISTANT. Marcel Duhen, entre le silence et l'oubli.

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Guerre de 39-45

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My father, Resistant. M Duhen, Memories of silence

1943. Marcel Duhen, a working class young man, joins the armed resistance, as he's just finished with his school. As all students, he might enrolled for forced work by the invador. The choice is easy, and quite deliberate, while his friend Jo Debmels, 19, is executed on his birthday. Taking part in a guerilla group of university student, he hides in a garden-city in the subburbs of Brussels, and gets out of there, just on missions: sabotage or killing collaborators.
After those war days, Marcel will become an chemistry-engeneer, then a vendor. His past is far remote in his mind, of having been a killer. He refuses to tell the story to his sons. He is today mute, wounded by the politics of the post-war times, unconsidering the resistance effort against the invador. His daughter, Daniele, tried to understand the reasons of this reaction, and went on a quest. The film is a way to set up a dialog, using the camera as a bond to discuss what remained, for long, a Tabu, in-between generations.

Technical informations

Ralisateur / Director:

Andr Dartevelle

Scnario / Script:

Andr Dartevelle &

Henri Orfinger

Image / Photography:

Jean-Jacques Mathy &

Michel Techy


Michel Vandammz/

Paul Van Hoslebeck/


Montage / Editing:


Mixage / Mixing:

Jacques Clisse

Musique / Musique:


Producteur / Producer:


Coproducteurs / Co-producers:

W.I.P.Wallonie Image Production


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Projection organise par le Mmorial de la Shoah "La Shoah en Belgique", le 15 mars 11

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