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Thierry MICHEL


Six convicts, locked up since long or for long. Six prisoners seen openly. Around them, a prison, all doors locked. Latticed windows, banged doors, spy-holes. The dark cell, the yard, the chapel, the cell. The warden, the doctor, the priest. Six prisoners face to face with the imprisonment. What they have done, what they will do. Their speech : off-voices, dialogue, silence. The hopes deceived, the laughter sometimes, the shouting often, in this place woven with suffering and mockery, with human warmth and dream, in such a complex and often inevitably absurd place. To kill time, to wait. The letters opened by others before being read. The saturday visit, two hours. And finally the holiday, the everyday clothes, the wife waiting. Six characters in search of existence in this in camera where, silently, life and death, escape and suicide as only alternative to nothingness and the loss of oneself, confront. Six men staging their own reality, exasperated by, or for, the camera, in a movie where reality meets imagination, document meets narration and a part of an actual reality.

Technical informations

Ralisateurs/Directors :

Thierry MICHEL, Fabienne RENARD

Scnario/Script :

Thierry MICHEL, Fabienne RENARD

Image/Photography :

Salvatore ALLEGRO

Son/Sound :

Dominique WARNIER

Montage/Editing :

Adriana MOREIRA, Marie-France COLLARD

Mixage/Mixing :


Musique/Music :

Francis DANLOY

Producteur/Producer :

Les Films de la Passerelle

Coproducteurs/Co-producers :

Les Films de la Passerelle, RTBF Lige, Vidographie, Canal Emploi, Mediaform Production, WIP

Broadcast list


1985 Mention du jury oecumnique et mention du public au Festival international du film documentaire, Nyon


1986 Cinma du rel, Paris - Manifestation internationale de vido et de tlvision, Montbliard - Worldwide Video Festival du Kijkhuis, La Haye

1987 Festival international du film de Strasbourg - Festival de film et de TV, Salso Maggiore - Festival de Taormina video d'autore, Rome - FIPA, Cannes - Festival international du nouveau cinma et de vido, Montral

1988 Video Film Festival, Berlin - Input, Philadelphie

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