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Bernadette SAINT-REMI


Hesbaye, the countryside, bucolic landscapes. Meadows for animals, fields for men. Trucks on the roads. Then, the animals are kept inside the sunless and climateless sheds. For fattening, foods. Men, as thieves, are waiting for the night to transfer bulls, cows and calves. A border is crossed, invisible thread between human and inhuman, a language's fence between Flemish and Wallon. Saint-Trond for some of them, Sint-Truiden for others. The rules, the rites, the laws of a weird and unusual place : the market. A waltz is being danced where sounds, men and beasts are mixed. Their gestures, screams. They grap, search, estimate the risks with their hands. This is not the place for blood nor butchery. It is only the right place for good bargains. To buy, to sell, to be bought or to be sold, such is the law. Then, might as well be the other one, the silliest : the beast. The sunset is rising, the strange party is ending. Water erases men's memory and gives them an human face again. They lived the separations.

Technical informations

Ralisatrice/Director :

Bernadette SAINT-REMI

Image/Photography :

Philippe JADOT

Son/Sound :

Jean-Claude WOLFF

Montage/Editing :

Bernadette SAINT-REMI Jean-Marc LECLERCQ

Musique/Music :

Excuse my French

Producteur/Producer :


Coproducteurs/Co-producers :


Broadcast list


1990 Premier Prix de la meilleure vido au Festival international de vido de Wattrelos


1990 Festival vido international, Nantes - Festival vido des pays catalans d'Estavar

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