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Sant mentale
Vie rurale

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Thierry AUGE


In the Bourbonnais region, inside certain houses of the village of Ainay-le-Chteau, the "lucarne" (dormer window) was an opening in a wall that separated the proprietors rooms from those of their pensioners, mentally ill men and women. In this way, the "foster parents" would survey the occasional disorders of their "crazies". Today, after a century of existence, 1 000 patients, many coming from Parisian hospitals, are placed in 400 families in this region. Here, it is the countryside, but this one has become foreign to us. City persons have kept away and have sent their crazy persons instead. There is no urgency to speak of these men and women : they are not a disturbance since they are absent from the world, as are other ordinary tragedies born in society's shadows and that leave us with, at times, a bitter taste.

Technical informations

Ralisateur/Director :

Thierry AUGE

Image/Photography :

Dominique GENTIL

Son/Sound :


Montage/Editing :

Charlotte BOIGEOL

Producteur/Producer :

Taurides Production

Coproducteurs/Co-producers :

Taurides Production, la Sept, FR3, CNRS Audiovisuel, WIP

Broadcast list


1989 Prix de la Scam au Festival Filmer tout prix, Bruxelles


1989 Festival vido psy, Clichy

1990 Festival international du film de Strasbourg - Cinma du rel, Paris

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